What is Kansas Reading Roadmap?
Kansas Reading Roadmap (KRR) is a K-3 literacy program that provides individualized lessons to meet the needs of all children. Parents, teachers, schools and community members work together toward a common set of goals.

Goal: Improving Third Grade Reading
Third grade reading is a strong predictor of a student’s future academic success. As students transition from learning to read to reading to learn, their mastery of literacy is essential. Early and effective interventions with struggling readers can improve academic performance and increase graduation rates.

Kansas Reading Roadmap is implemented during school through the Kansas Multi-Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS). With this approach we are able to identify why a student is struggling in reading, allowing staff to align instruction to best meet their individual need.

Struggling readers need extra help and KRR out-of-school services offer after school, summer and family engagement learning opportunities. Using a unified approach, KRR children get individualized out-of-school lessons matching what their teachers say they need. This comprehensive, yet individualized strategy, means the power of the KRR to improve reading skills exceeds the sum of each of its parts.

Students improve their reading skills, fluency, vocabulary, and listening comprehension, and enjoy a healthy snack, nutrition education and physical activity. Students spend time working with hands-on activities, songs, poems and educational games which create an exciting, high-octane learning environment, different of that in a classroom setting.

Summer Boost
While still maintaining a strong literacy focus, the all day program allows for the incorporation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Families and Schools Together (FAST)
An 8-week program which focuses on family interaction, parental networking, student improvement and overall school involvement. FAST offers a free weekly meal, parent/adult time, special one on one time with your FAST child, and family fun time.

For more information and to involve your students in KRR out-of-school opportunities, contact Delta Pollock. To discuss in-school strategies, visit with your student’s teacher or Mr. Jackman.