The Uniontown FFA Meats Evaluation teams traveled to Erie, Kansas on Thursday, February 8th for the Southeast District Meats Evaluation Contest. Uniontown FFA entered teams in both the A and B divisions of the event. The “A” division is composed of primarily junior and senior aged students while the “B” division is made up of only freshman and sophomores.

After placing four classes consisting of pork carcasses, rib chops, top loin steaks and pork loins, the contestants had to also quality and yield grade four beef carcasses. Additionally, members also had to identify thirty retail meat cuts from beef, pork and lamb and answer ten questions over the pork loin and top loin steak classes. All of these segments were combined for each individual with the top three scores for each team making up the team score for each school. There were 14 teams and 116 contestants in the entire contest.

Both the Uniontown A team and the Uniontown B team walked away with the honor of 1st place in their respective divisions. Each team won their division by over 140 points.

Individual rankings in the A division included;

Haydon Schaaf, 1st place, Nick Hathaway, 3rd place, Gavin Fry, 4th place and Maddie Ard, 6th place.

Individual rankings in the B division included;

Clay Brillhart, 2nd place, Libby Schaaf, 3rd place, Drew Holt, 4th Place, Bri Stokes, 5th place, Jeremy Carlson, 8th place, and Braden Griffiths, 10th place.

Logan Geiger and Aiden Holt competed in the “A” division despite only being Freshman due to the contest only allowing six members per division. They ranked 15th and 16th in the A division with scores that would have put them in the top ten in the B division.