Calling All Uniontown Band Alumni!

If you are a graduate member of the Uniontown High School Band, then please join us in the stands on Friday, October 11, 2019 for Homecoming Alumni Band! A quick meet & greet, and brief warmup & rehearsal with current members of the UHS Band will begin at 4:00pm in the band room. If you are unable to make it at 4:00pm, then join us whenever you can! I would love to have a large group of people come and play with us. If you are someone who hasn't played in years, you can still come! It will come back to you, and the UHS Band students will be sitting alongside you, so you don't need to worry about getting lost. The night will be a lot of fun!

Please email Neva Rowland (band director) if you are interested in joining us for Homecoming Alumni Band! Also, please tell any band alums you know! I will send music, and can also secure needed instruments if I know far enough in advance.


Neva Rowland