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On Saturday, April 2, members of the UHS Band and Choir performed at Regional music contest. Everyone was a member of a small ensemble or performed a solo piece, and did exceptionally well.

Receiving a II (Excellent) rating:
Kendall Earnest - French horn solo
Haley Beaton - vocal solo
Brass Ensemble (Adi Martin, Breisen Keller, Kyle Franks, Coby Pollreis)
Brass Ensemble (Alexis Herring, Kendall Earnest, Andrew Martin)
Women's Vocal Ensemble (Jayden Shore, Lilly Wright, Emma Carlson, Haley Beaton, Alexis Herring, Hiacyne Wells)

Receiving a I (Outstanding) rating and qualifying for State:
Percussion Ensemble (Kera Lawrence, Jayden Shore, Emma Carlson)

It's been three years since we've attended Spring music festivals and this was an excellent way to start the season! I'm very proud of them.

Neva Rowland - HS Band/Choir Director