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On Saturday, April 23, the JH Band and Choir members performed solos and small ensembles at the Mid-America Music Festival at Pittsburg State University. It was a fantastic learning experience for the students and they received a lot of good feedback from the judges. Here is what the students performed and their ratings.

Allandra Walker, vocal solo - I, trumpet solo - I
Aedan Miller, vocal solo - I
Dylan Diebert, trumpet solo - I
Aryonnah Beaton, clarinet solo - I
Arthur Pollreis, alto sax solo - II
Clayton Weyant, alto sax solo - I
Keenan Keller, trombone solo - I

Vocal Ensemble (Allandra Walker, Aedan Miller, James Rodriguez) - I
Band Ensemble (Allanda Walker, Bryar McCullough, Max Wehry) - III
Band Ensemble (Dylan Diebert, Keenan Keller, Seth Shadden, Clayton Weyant, James Rodriguez) - II
Band Ensemble (Dylan Diebert, Katie Martin) - II
Band Ensemble (Arthur Pollreis, Aeden Miller) - III
Band Ensemble (Zoe Hull, Aryonnah Beaton, Tyranny Bilyeu) - III

Neva Rowland (JH Band Instructor) and Rhonda Allen (JH Choir Instructor)